The Business School

European Academy enjoys institutional autonomy in all academic, administrative and policy matters. One of our main goals is to sustain employment through different forms of education, i.e. organization of seminars and consultations, providing a unique learning experience in a friendly and dynamic environment.

We strive to put new ideas into action in all areas of an organization, emphasizing corporate and ethical responsibility, introducing middle and high school students to the business world every year. EA aims to develop effective and innovative programs through a broad range of international education services. Because of the global nature of the EA degree, students also start careers at major multinational companies, financial institutions, foundations, cultural organizations and diplomatic organizations.

Nowadays, European Academy is widely recognized and represents an important communication channel for start-up entrepreneurs both on European and global stage. EA applies rigorous standards of scholarship and promotes the principles of freedom of scientific thought and teaching as well as equal opportunity. Achieving diversity within our staff and program participants helps increase mutual understanding of our world and its people. High education and International mobility activities features jobs in EU and international employment opportunities for professionals, expatriates and adventure seekers.