Gender equality & Community care

European Academy supports and advocates gender equality as a growth strategy for individuals and for organizations of all sizes, inspiring entrepreneurial leaders to reach their full potential to create economic and social value for themselves, their own organizations and society as a whole. EA mission is related to help disadvantaged people to access the labor market, by improving their skills and supporting entrepreneurship and social enterprises. One of our main goals is the integration of cross-cutting issues, incorporating equality issues (such as gender and disability) into all policy sections and activities and collecting data on gender participation when relevant.

The work of the institute is largely financed through European funding, with contributions from the Academy members as well as a financial agreement with local corporations and multinationals, active in the Romanian market. Through ESF funding, European Academy is keen on boosting apprenticeships, traineeships and lifelong learning, improving teachers’ skills, and supporting vocational education and training to better fit labor market demands.